WRAG San Antonio: Radio Raggedy …

Here I am — owning my own radio station now: WRAG San Antonio, TX — Radio Raggedy. Of course the programs are available only to SOUNDS  OF  THE  SOUL followers. They know if it’s from Raggedy, it’s only the best. Never ever like the rest! Free to you — and lots of fun for me.

… presents Easy Sunday songs:

Honey Dove — Lee Fields feat. The Expressions (My World, Truth and Soul Records )

I’ll Do It For You — Toussaint McCall (Nothing Takes The Place Of You, Fuel Records)

And My Heart Sang — Brenda and The Tabulations (Top and Bottom Records, 1970)

My World — Sam Dees (Lost Deep Soul Treasures Vol.4)

Ain’t It Good — United Eight

Always — Tommy Tate (I´m So Satisfied (Complete Ko Ko Recordings)

All Because Of You — Tee Fletcher (Eccentric Soul, Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels)

Next Time I See You — Greg Perry (One For The Road, Soubr)




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