Ain’t Too Proud To Mix


I Need You — Otis Leavil (Dakar Records, 1969)

Walk On In — Merry Clayton (Merry Clayton, Ode Records 1971)

Our Love Song — The Joneses (Keepin’ Up With The Joneses, Mercury 1974)

Seems Like The Love We Had Is Dead And Gone — Skip Mahoney and The Casuals (Your Funny Moods, Avi Entertainment 1995)

You’re Driving Me Crazy — Ray Algere (from Confessing: Deep Soul from New Orleans, Grapevine 2006)

One For The Road — Greg Perry (One For The Road, Soubr 2000)

Deep Inside Of Me — The Futures (The Futures, Westside UK 1999)

First Thing On My Mind — The Delfonics (First Thing On My Mind)

I Just Love You — Belita Woods (Epic 1973)

One For The Road — Greg Perry (One For The Road reissue, Soul Bros. Records 2000)

Leave My World  — Johnny Bristol (MGM 1975)




2 responses to “Ain’t Too Proud To Mix

  1. Very nice set. This is going well with the salmon and Pinot Grigio I am having this evening for dinner.

  2. I can’t believe it. Guess what I had for dinner tonight? I bet it was a dinner for two for you … *smiles

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