Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 12-13-11

Posted By Soultaker

On the day before I celebrate my 38th birthday, I feel like digging through the chest to see what I can pull out.  As I type this, I’m pouring my lady another glass of wine as we finish off another one of her dinner masterpieces that featured some mouth watering cod.  I feel relaxed as I took the week off of work.  It gives me time to play with my records finally, so I cooked up this little set to finish off the year with.  Just want to take time to thank everyone who checked out my little sets since I started posting them.  I hope you all enjoyed what I have dug up from my collection.  It’s one of the things I like to do to help relax and to deal with this everyday thing we call life.  I also want to thank Raggedy for inviting me to post on her lovely site.  I’m very glad I can call you a friend.

So here’s the treats, hope you enjoy.


  1. Get In The Groove – Mighty Hanibal – Loma
  2. Keep On Doin’ It – The Memphis Horns – RCA
  3. Bring It On Down To Me – Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Thomas
  4. Smiling, Styling & Profiling – Bar-Kays – Volt
  5. Honeybee  – The New Birth – RCA
  6. Why Can’t People Be Colors Too? – Whatnauts – Stang
  7. We Must Be In Love – The Impressions – Curtom
  8. How Can I Put Out The Flame – Candi Staton – Fame



3 responses to “Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 12-13-11

  1. Goodness! You’re getting old .. lol 38? Happy, happy b-day, Soultaker. I know this one is probably very special.
    Thank you for your support and the gems you’re sharing with us here.

  2. Finally got the LimeLinx link to work … (Everything seems to be not working lately.) And — wow! I just love your intro. Also, you outdid yourself again with this post. I never heard the Curtis Mayfield song before.
    Thanks, Soultaker!

  3. its so very hard to be able to download a number of these great tunes onto a cd.

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