Gladys Knight and The Pips — Oh, What A Love I Have Found

This is a song for everyone who listens to their music with the heart … Gladys Knight’s is by far the most expressive female   voice in Soul music. It oozes femininity, warmth, and empathy, making her the one vocalist that sounds authentic as a passionate lover, sophisticated lady, motherly friend as well as just an average woman.

I’ve mentioned more than once that my favorite song by Gladys and her Pips is and will always be Midnight Train To Georgia, and that I cherish the tune for its very special meaning to me. There is another song, though, I view as beautiful as Midnight Train.  Yes, you guessed it. It’s Oh, What A Love I have found.

Gladys and the Pips literally turn the song into a picture. I close my eyes and see delicate drifting white clouds,  hear a a murmuring brook, perceive the world as peaceful and good.

The arrangement by Artie Butler is a masterpiece. Gladys’s voice perfectly blends with the instrumentation and the background harmonizing pulls it all together.

Now, before you listen, sit down with the love you have found. Then simply enjoy the music and the moments shared with the one …

From the album All I Need Is Time (SOUL Records, 1973)


LimeLinx (still down)

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