Your favorite live-performances …

Let’s see whether I can get some of you to send in a track of their favorite live performances/recordings.

Lately, my chief music scout and I have been watching some great live clips on YouTube, and we thought we should start a “Favorite live performances” series.

Please use the “I Hear You” form in the sidebar to send your recommendations or just leave a message with  this post.

Please send only real live YouTube clips like the one I’ve chosen to start the series with.

For more clips, check the comments!

Submitted by Jimmy T.

5 responses to “Your favorite live-performances …

  1. Thanks, Nathan. I haven’t seen this one before. This is great.

  2. The one and only James Brown. Thanks Lysergicfunk!

  3. A dear German friend sent me this clip, and I absolutely agree that this tenor is very beautiful. May I add that he also has a impressive stage presence?

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