Lindell Hill — Used To Be Love

(Lindell Hill and Steve Cropper at Stax in 1968)

It is so sad that all Lindell Hill  has to show for with  a voice like his is three singles. The one I’ve ever heard is a great one, though. I posted the A-side, Remone, a little while back here. When I came across the B-side, I thought it was pretty darned good also. So, I’ll post it today.

Lindell Hill, born on 1st July 1945, hails from St. Louis, Missouri but lives in Dittmer, Missouri nowadays.

He’s an outstanding blue-eyed soul singer, and his best known recording was done for Arch Records. The small North St. Louis record label was owned by a white DJ, Nick Charles, from Memphis who operated from  his basement studio. There, Hill met Jim Stewart, a friend of Charles’ who was recording for Stax in its early years. And according to a very short biography, Hill’s daughter, Kelly Lemon, said that  “they did the basic rhythm tracks in St Louis with the voice & drums and then sent them down to Memphis with Steve Cropper to put the background vocals and horns in. The song “Used To Be Love” was redone with Wilson Pickett and Wilson named it “Mini Skirt Mini”. (

Under the name Lyndon, he recorded another 45 for Hi, “The Very First Time” b/w “I Love My Baby.” He did another recording on the Bright Star label.

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