Nolan Chance — She’s Gone

Nolan Chance was born Charles Davis in Louisiana in 1939, and was raised in Chicago. He started singing in his early teens with a group of high school friends.

He sang with several other groups, among them The Dukays where he replaced Gene Chandler. He also sang with the Artistics .

She’s Gone, today’s pick, was his debut single for the Constellation label which he joined in 1964. According to the “ballad that attracted considerable attention and did well on numerous local charts, even though it failed to register nationally.” Unfortunately, the label folded just as Nolan’s career began to blossom with the release of his next single  Just Like The Weather.

In the late 60’s he was signed to Curtom and released another beautiful single  “I’ll Never Forget You.” After his producer at Curtom had left the label, Nolan joined Scepter where he released Sara Lee. Bad luck, however, struck again. Scepter closed its doors and the single never  received the recognition it deserved.



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