Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – In Remembrance Of Keith Elem aka Guru 1961-2010

Posted By Soultaker

Something a little different this time around. This will be a post about not a soul music artist, but of someone well respected in the Hip Hop world who passed away on April 19, 2010. So to answer the obvious question, why a post about a MC on a soul music website?

The reason is that from about 1980 when I was 6 and my Mom brought my first Hip Hop 12″( “That’s The Joint” by the Funky Four + 1) to about the mid 90’s, I listen to and was a part of the Hip Hop culture no stop. I had a few favorites, but at the top of the list would be Gangstarr. A group that included DJ Premier and the late great MC known as Guru( Gifted, Unlimited, Rhymes, Universal ).

In addition to Gangstarr, Guru also spearheaded a project known as Jazzmatazz that had him working alongside with such legends as Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers, Ramesy Lewis, Freddie Hubbard, Chaka Khan and Issac Hayes.

While I’m not going to be playing any Gangstarr stuff here, I do have a little set I made that focus on the soul music that inspired some of material Gangstarr would put out though the years.


1. Bring It Up – James Brown – King

2. Changin’ – Brass Construction – United Artists

3. Four Play – Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns – Atlantic

4. California Soul – Marlena Shaw – Cadet

5. Give It Up – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite

6. It’s A New Day – Skull Snaps – GSF

7. Young, Gifted And Black – Aretha Franklin – Atlantic

8. I Got Some Pt. 1 – Billy Garner – BGP reissue

9. It’s Time To Break Down – The Supremes – Motown

10. Deliver The Word – War – United Artists

For more information about Gangstarr and Guru, you can check out these sites.

***One a side note, don’t forget that this Saturday, April 21st, 2012 is the 5th Annual Record Store Day. So go out and support your local record shop.

2 responses to “Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – In Remembrance Of Keith Elem aka Guru 1961-2010

  1. great set…Raggedy

    • Hi Glenn! As much as I’d like to book this “success” for myself, the set has been compiled by my friend Soultaker. Thank god for his support; he knows when I need a friend.

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