Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – Summer Heat

Posted By Soultaker

The hot season is here and with that comes BBQ’s and get togethers.  With get togethers and BBQ’s you usually have good music to go along with the festivities.  Seeing that Mrs. Raggedy has opened up the pool and started the party this year, I figure I open up the tent for those that are drying off and are ready to get something to eat and drink.  Summer is just starting so might as well keep the party going.

1.      Right On – Syl Johnson – Twinight

2.      Funky Driver On A Funky Bus – Charles Leonard – Loadstone

3.      Make It Good To Yourself – James Brown – Polydor

4.      Evil Vibrations – Mighty Riders – Sun Glo Records

5.      Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is – Olympic Runners – London

6.      (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop – The Fatback Band – Event

7.      You’re The One – Little Sister – Stone Flower

8.      Zero Point (Pt. 1 & 2) – Kashmere Stage Band – Now Again

9.      World Spin – A Taste Of Honey – Capitol

10.   I Love Music – O’Jays – Philadelphia International

Now personally I’m not usually a Summer person, but…………….

anything that let the ladies dress like this I can tolerate.


On a side note, a big Happy Birthday to Mrs. Raggedy.  I hope you enjoy your day.


3 responses to “Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – Summer Heat

  1. ((Soultaker)) Spoken like a real man! lol
    Thanks for the b-day wishes. Just getting ready for that HUGE, XXXL margarita tonight. Yay!!

  2. Hey Soultaker. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping in the chatroom. I didn’t realize who you were til later r

    • No problem man. I was up for a bit then had to hit the sack. I was sick as a dog but the joints that were played helped ease my pain.

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