The Manhattans — Baby I’m Sorry

“Baby, I’m Sorry” is one of the Manhattans’ hopelessly under-appreciated early recordings. To me, it sounds as though their signature 70’s sound is just around the corner somewhere. The trademark background harmonizing and the understated pleading lead vocals are already there …

George Smith is singing lead, and he does a wonderful job. For a detailed bio of the artist, please go here.


6 responses to “The Manhattans — Baby I’m Sorry

  1. Great group. The Love songs are really good. They killed at the house parties back in the days. Puts you in the mood..

  2. For the longest time I had no idea that the Manhattans actually had such great material out before their well-known hits.

  3. Thats OSS mission. We know the hit songs but Radio made those hits but the B-Sides and to me sometimes the last track on side 2 seems to be a better song than the hit.

    • So true DJ Chucks. It’s always about the B-Sides and the album cuts. Radio always play it safe with the hits and never go deeper into a artists catalouge. If more stations played album cuts, people would have more of a appreciation of the artist and would discover something new.

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