Ray, Goodman and Brown — Pool Of Love

Here’s the mystery song I mentioned in the HELP! post earlier today.

Get the album here.

Marc already mentioned that the song can be found on the group’s “Greatest Hits” album. Originally, “Pool Of Love” was on Stay, ¬†simultaneously released by Mercury, Polygram Records (Australasia), and Polydor (U.S.) in 1981.


2 responses to “Ray, Goodman and Brown — Pool Of Love

  1. I dig the stark imagery in the lyric of this song.About a month ago I explored the back catalogs of Bobbie Gentry and Jeannie C. Riley.I came across a live performance of Jeannie c.’s self-penned ‘Soakin’ Wet’, a rockin’ Country Soul song replete with Memphis style horns and bottleneck guitar solo.

    IMHO this makes for a nice video answer from the women’s p.o.v.

    ‘…My chances are slim ’cause I can’t swim…’ (I love her infectious smile and winks)

    Jeannie C. Riley – ‘Soakin’ Wet’


    • Marc, that’s exactly what I thought when I heard the song. The most vivid image is the comparison to jumping in a pool w/o knowing how to swim. That’s exactly what happens when we fall in love. We immerse ourselves in the other person w/o knowing what awaits us …

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