Tank — I Can’t Make You Love Me

I just heard this cover of the Bonnie Raitt song  this morning, and I thought I should share it with you. I never thought it possible that anyone but Bonnie could  sing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” It is one of those titles that no one should ever even try to touch. To me it was another “My Girl” that simply couldn’t be made more immortal than it already was with David Ruffin’s voice — if you know what I mean.

So, here your old Raggedy by chance comes across the cover version by Tank. And my ears pricked up the second I heard this voice. I don’t know who’s on the electric piano, but it doesn’t sound as if it were Bruce Hornsby … The electric piano’s softer sound is the only thing I liked better in the original.

Of course, I listened to Bon Iver’s and Adele’s covers. They are not bad, and Bon Iver’s being the one I liked better — but the one that has the power to touch something inside me is this one:

By the way, the voice reminds me of Lemar’s …

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