John Edwards — It’s A Groove

This title is probably better known sung by Wilson Pickett. Although I adore Wilson Pickett’s  delivery, I thought I should post the version by John Edwards. He put the seventies into that song, so to speak.
Please check out my other posts on this artists.

The track is from the 1973 album “John Edwards.” It can also be found on this great comp.

A happy Father’s day to all dads who deserve to be called father. Cheers!

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Well, here’s the one and only, the incomparably wonderful, fantastic (lol) Wilson Pickett.

4 responses to “John Edwards — It’s A Groove

  1. I’m digging this. This is the first time I have heard of John Edwards version.

  2. John Edwards also has a wonderful cut on this album titled “Exercise My Love”, Check this out and the writer.

  3. Oh, I love the song and actually posted it in 2010. I apologize for not realizing who you were. It is a honor to have a professional check out (and even comment on) my blog.

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