Blues on Thursday!

Albert Collins’ (see previous post)  Texan style blues is today’s pick.

The track is from the “Complete Imperial Recordings,” Disc  2 which is an excellent compilation. So go and get it here!


6 responses to “Blues on Thursday!

  1. Hello Inge,

    ‘My Kind of Blues’ is one of the best B.B. King albums ever.
    Focus is on his guitar and singing, Sparse backing by the stellar trio of Lloyd Glenn on piano,with probably Ralph Hamilton on bass and Jessie Sailes,drums.

  2. Hi Marc,

    I simply am a sucker for electric blues. It has to be gripping, though. Just like this one …

  3. I attended lots a Albert Collins performances.
    At one of his last gigs.Albert and Little Jimmy King (an Albert King disciple) started a jam.Sparks really flew!
    I’ve witnessed a plethora of Texan Blues guitarists.Nowadays there’s only a handful left.

    • I envy you so much, Marc. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing any type of music live. But the sound of an electric guitar screaming, wailing, begging, crying, laughing probably can’t be topped.

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