Time To Tune In To The Vintage Soul Radio Show …

Sunday, June 24, Barry Fowden will be on the air again with another great Vintage Soul Show. Take a look at his playlist, and you will get a first taste of the treats waiting thee for you.

For more info and the playlist, please go here!

4 responses to “Time To Tune In To The Vintage Soul Radio Show …

  1. This is nice.. Need to check this out.

  2. Hi Chuck! Barry Fowden’s show has a special place in my heart because it’s broadcasted from Germany, my home country. In addition, I’ve met some very dear friends on his (no longer existing) forum. And if you ever need some well researched info and discographies on vintage soul music, you need to check out his outstanding website the Soulcellar: http://www.soulcellar.co.uk/soulcellarhomepage/SoulCellarHomePage.html
    Btw. I’ll try to tune in to your show tonight!

  3. Hi Raggedy,. Thanks for sharing the info and the great post this week.. Is there any archives? I couldn’t catch BF’s show Saturday. You know I was busy. Lol
    Soultaker hung out a while. We can catch up next week.. Archive link is posted on OSS if you need.

  4. I would have loved to stop by, too. I just love your show and the wonderful people in the chat room.
    Barry has a fb group, “Sweet and deep soul,” where he posts an mp3 of each show.

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