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Thanks Dad Part 1 – Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

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For all the Fathers out there.



Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – Summer Heat

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The hot season is here and with that comes BBQ’s and get togethers.  With get togethers and BBQ’s you usually have good music to go along with the festivities.  Seeing that Mrs. Raggedy has opened up the pool and started the party this year, I figure I open up the tent for those that are drying off and are ready to get something to eat and drink.  Summer is just starting so might as well keep the party going.

1.      Right On – Syl Johnson – Twinight

2.      Funky Driver On A Funky Bus – Charles Leonard – Loadstone

3.      Make It Good To Yourself – James Brown – Polydor

4.      Evil Vibrations – Mighty Riders – Sun Glo Records

5.      Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is – Olympic Runners – London

6.      (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop – The Fatback Band – Event

7.      You’re The One – Little Sister – Stone Flower

8.      Zero Point (Pt. 1 & 2) – Kashmere Stage Band – Now Again

9.      World Spin – A Taste Of Honey – Capitol

10.   I Love Music – O’Jays – Philadelphia International

Now personally I’m not usually a Summer person, but…………….

anything that let the ladies dress like this I can tolerate.


On a side note, a big Happy Birthday to Mrs. Raggedy.  I hope you enjoy your day.


My Mama – Rick James

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First, I just want to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mothers day.
For your special day, here is a rare Rick James song dedicated to the very subject of the day. 
This was release on A&M records in 1974, four years before he would hit it big with You and I on Motown.  Produced and written by Rick James, this would song would show hints of what will come later on.

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – In Remembrance Of Keith Elem aka Guru 1961-2010

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Something a little different this time around. This will be a post about not a soul music artist, but of someone well respected in the Hip Hop world who passed away on April 19, 2010. So to answer the obvious question, why a post about a MC on a soul music website?

The reason is that from about 1980 when I was 6 and my Mom brought my first Hip Hop 12″( “That’s The Joint” by the Funky Four + 1) to about the mid 90’s, I listen to and was a part of the Hip Hop culture no stop. I had a few favorites, but at the top of the list would be Gangstarr. A group that included DJ Premier and the late great MC known as Guru( Gifted, Unlimited, Rhymes, Universal ).

In addition to Gangstarr, Guru also spearheaded a project known as Jazzmatazz that had him working alongside with such legends as Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers, Ramesy Lewis, Freddie Hubbard, Chaka Khan and Issac Hayes.

While I’m not going to be playing any Gangstarr stuff here, I do have a little set I made that focus on the soul music that inspired some of material Gangstarr would put out though the years.


1. Bring It Up – James Brown – King

2. Changin’ – Brass Construction – United Artists

3. Four Play – Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns – Atlantic

4. California Soul – Marlena Shaw – Cadet

5. Give It Up – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite

6. It’s A New Day – Skull Snaps – GSF

7. Young, Gifted And Black – Aretha Franklin – Atlantic

8. I Got Some Pt. 1 – Billy Garner – BGP reissue

9. It’s Time To Break Down – The Supremes – Motown

10. Deliver The Word – War – United Artists

For more information about Gangstarr and Guru, you can check out these sites.

***One a side note, don’t forget that this Saturday, April 21st, 2012 is the 5th Annual Record Store Day. So go out and support your local record shop.

Attention Vinyl Collectors

Hey all,

I just wanted make you all aware of a upcoming project focusing on a hobby that allot of us hold dear to our hearts. 

DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk dot com and Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves are teaming up for a photo road trip documenting vinyl collectors and other projects focusing on the hobby. 

They would like to create some awareness for this project and you can check out their Facebook page at

I am looking forward to what these two are cooking up for us.

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 03-31-2012

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After a few months away, I’m back with another serving of some soul and funk from the chest. I want to give a quick shout out to Larry Grogan over at Funky 16 Corners  for putting me onto “Gotta Find You Girl” by Bobby Rush. Just a banging 45 and I will be playing the flipside of it in a future post.

So here you go and hopefully I will be back again sooner with some more treats.


1. Time And Place – Lee Moses – Front Page
2. Everybody Needs Somebody – King Floyd – Chimneyville Records
3. Funky Street – Arthur Conley – Atco
4. I Can’t Stand It – The G-Clefs – Loma
5. She’s Just Another Woman – The 8th Day – Invictus
6. Uhh – Dyke And The Blazers – Original Sound
7. Gotta Find You Girl – Bobby Rush – On Top Records
8. Work On It – The T.S.U. Toronados – Ovide/Funky Delicacies
9. You Can’t Run Away From Your Heart – Judy Clay – Stax

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 12-13-11

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On the day before I celebrate my 38th birthday, I feel like digging through the chest to see what I can pull out.  As I type this, I’m pouring my lady another glass of wine as we finish off another one of her dinner masterpieces that featured some mouth watering cod.  I feel relaxed as I took the week off of work.  It gives me time to play with my records finally, so I cooked up this little set to finish off the year with.  Just want to take time to thank everyone who checked out my little sets since I started posting them.  I hope you all enjoyed what I have dug up from my collection.  It’s one of the things I like to do to help relax and to deal with this everyday thing we call life.  I also want to thank Raggedy for inviting me to post on her lovely site.  I’m very glad I can call you a friend.

So here’s the treats, hope you enjoy.


  1. Get In The Groove – Mighty Hanibal – Loma
  2. Keep On Doin’ It – The Memphis Horns – RCA
  3. Bring It On Down To Me – Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Thomas
  4. Smiling, Styling & Profiling – Bar-Kays – Volt
  5. Honeybee  – The New Birth – RCA
  6. Why Can’t People Be Colors Too? – Whatnauts – Stang
  7. We Must Be In Love – The Impressions – Curtom
  8. How Can I Put Out The Flame – Candi Staton – Fame



R.I.P. Howard Tate

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I just found out today that Howard Tate passed away on December 2, 2011.  I’m very sad to hear about this today.  I felt that he was criminally under appreciated and you don’t hear his name mentioned enough.

You can say he had two singing careers.  First, starting out on Verve in the mid 1960’s recording the classic album, “Get It While You Can”  with producer Jerry Ragovoy, which was released in 1967.  He later released in 1970, “Reaction” on the Turntable label.  Then on Atlantic in 1972 he released one of my favorite albums,  his “Self Titled album“, also produced by Jerry Ragovoy  He would soon leave the music business behind after feeling that he was not being treated right or probably paid.  From the 1970’s into the 1980’s, he would go through a lot of personal challenges.  By the mid 1990’s though, he would rise above his hardships, becoming a minister in Willingboro, NJ.

He would then return to singing in 2003 with the album “Rediscovered” reuniting with Jerry Ragovoy who produced the album. 

As I stated in the beginning of my post, Howard Tate deserves to be mention along side of all of the other Soul Legends from that era.  He will be missed.

Here is my favorite song by him from his Atlantic self titled album called “The Bitter End”

The Bitter End

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – 10-30-2011

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Hope everyone is doing fine.  Been a hectic weekend with the unexpected snowstorm we had here in New Jersey.  I mean the last time I checked, it was still  Fall and it’s a day before Halloween.  I don’t mind winter, but it’s a little early to be digging out the snow shovels.  

Since I didn’t do much on the outside this weekend, it gave me a chance to play some records; something I haven’t done as much as I would like to lately.  So time to brew up some hot tea with a few shots of Hennessy in it and play some tunes.


  1. Mighty Mighty – Baby Huey – Curtom
  2. I’ll Be Your Shelter(In Time Of Storm) – Luther Ingram – Koko
  3. Half A Man – Howard Tate – Verve
  4. (Hey, You and You and You and You) I’ve Lived The Life  – M-W-T Express(Marva Whitney) – Forte
  5. I Was Made To Love Her – Jackie Wilson & Count Basie – Brunswick
  6. This Girl – Cookin’ On 3 Burners Feat. Kylie Auldist – Freestyle
  7. I Keep On Lovin’ You – ZZ Hill – United Artist
  8. Didn’t We – Carla Thomas  – Stax
  9. Slip Away – Hank Ballard – King



Soul Reflections – Just Another Reason

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I want to bring back a concept I briefly touched on a little over a year ago call Soul Reflections.  Whether it’s the original version of a song by an artist and a remake or just two remakes of the original.   You can find my first Soul Reflection post here.  I would like to do these more often and hopefully I will have time in my life to do so.

For this post I want to cover the song Just Another Reason, produced by my favorite singer, the legendary Curtis Mayfield. 

The first version of this song is by a group Curtis produced and managed, The Fascinations.  The group originally formed in 1960 with Martha Reeves in the line up, but soon left after the group was formed.  The remaining members of the group were, lead singer Bernadine Boswell, her sister Joanne, Fern Bledsoe and Shirley Walker.  Originally recording on ABC-Parmount in 1962, the group later recorded for Curtis Mayfield’s first attempt at owning his own label, Mayfield Records.  They had a major hit on the label with “Girls Are Out To Getcha”.  “Just Another Reason” was the final release for The Fascinations on the label and also the final release for Mayfield Records.  Curtis would later form Curtom records with Eddie Thomas.

I love The Fascinations version of this song.  As stated in the past on here, I love a soulful woman’s voice.  I can listen to Bernadine sing this song all day and with the backing vocals of the other group members, its Soul Heaven right here folks.

The Fascinations – Just Another Reason

The second version of this song was also produced by Curtis Mayfield.  This time on his Curtom label, this version is a duet with two great singers in Donny Hathaway and June Conquest.  Donny of course went on to have his own career recording for the Atco label releasing three classics, “Everything Is Everything”, “Donny Hathaway” and “Extension Of A Man”.  He would also recorded two albums with Roberta Flack.  Tragically he suffered from Schizophrenia and the disease led him to take his own life in 1979.

June Conquest was a singer that recorded roughly from 1964-1969 on a handful of labels that included Curtis’s other record label before Curtom, Windy C.  While on Curtom, she released “What’s This I See” which was the first release for Curtom Records.  Billed as Donny and June they released “I Thank You” originally in 1969.  The song was re-released in 1972 to capitalize on Donny’s success over on Atco along with Just Another Reason on the B-Side.

I’m loving the strings on this version.  You can hear the power in the voice of Donny with June coming in after with her verse.  They then combine their voices for the chorus.  A really great song that should have had more play back then, but it remains one of the rarer Donny Hathaway tracks out there.

Donny Hathaway & June Conquest – Just Another Reason

Regardless of which version you prefer, the song is great nevertheless.  I hope you in enjoyed my Soul Reflections post.  Time permitting, I hope to bring you more.


Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – Another Day, Another Groove

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Hope everybody is doing well.  First thing I want to say is that I’m glad Raggedy was able to make it out ok dealing with the wildfires in Texas.  I know about chaotic weather situations myself dealing with Hurricane Irene.  It was a really hectic time for you and I’m glad you were able to get through that.

To help you get into a better mood and a better groove here are some special gems I picked out from the chest.  Something to erase the stress; straight up no chaser!


  1. Getting Uptown(To Get Down) – United 8 – Atlantic
  2. I’m Going To Be Around – Willie Hutch – Motown
  3. I’ve Got The Groove – O’Jays – Philadelphia International Records
  4. Don’t Take My Shadow – Kings Go Forth – Luaka Pop, Inc
  5. (Can’t You See)What You Do To Me – Isley Brothers – T-Neck
  6. I’m All Changed – WEE – Owl/Asterisk
  7. Back For More – Marlena Shaw – Columbia
  8. What’s On Your Mind – Brass Construction – United Artists


LimeLinx Link


Soultaker’s Treasure Chest – 08-10-2011

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I hope everyone is doing well.  Here is a quick upload of something I cooked up while I had some spare time, which is rare these days.  Hope everyone stays cool.  The Fall months will be here soon enough.


  1. Papa Was, Too – Joe Tex – Atlantic
  2. As Long As I Got You – Laura Lee – Chess
  3. Somebody’s Baby – Robert Knight – Rising Sons
  4. Baby, What You Want Me To Do – Erma Franklin – Shout
  5. Stop Teasin’ Me – Johnnie Taylor – Stax
  6. Trouble, Heartache & Saddness – Ann Peebles – Hi
  7. Do It Baby – Isaac “Redd” Holt Unlimited – Paula Records
  8. Misdemeanor – Foster Sylvers – MGM
  9. Trespassing – Skull Snaps – GSF
  10. I Don’t Wanna Cry – David Porter – Enterprise

 LimeLinx (added by Raggedy)


Treasure Chest – The After Party Lounge

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Well our host really knows how to throw a party. This is the type of thing that almost makes me tolerate the summer heat. I definitely enjoyed the tunes that Raggedy provided over the past few days with her pool party.

What I offer here today is not a full blown party, but more like a after party lounge experience. So come kick back, grab a couple of drinks and maybe get a game of billiards in as you vibe to the treats that lay within the Treasure Chest.


  1. Don’t Burn No Bridges – Jackie Wilson Featuring The Chi-Lites – Brunswick
  2. Bills Break Up Homes – Notations – Gemigo
  3. Keep Cool( Don’t Be A Fool) – Howard Tate – Atlantic
  4. Rent Party – Booker T. – Anti-
  5. I Like Everything About You – Willie Hutch – Motown
  6. You’re A Lady – Johnny Adams – Atlantic
  7. Giving Love – The Voices Of East Harlem – Just Sunshine Records
  8. As Long As You Are There – Carolyn Franklin – RCA
LimeLinx (as requested)

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 06-12-11

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I finally have a day off from working overtime and whatnot,  so I felt it was time to put together another batch of treats from the collection.

Summer is here and it’s it hot out.  Not my time of year, as me and the sun don’t get along so well.  So to make myself feel a little cooler, here’s something to help everybody forget about the heat.


  1.  I’ve Come A Long Way – Wilson Pickett- Atlantic
  2. O.K. For You – The Fascinations – Mayfield
  3. Here With Me – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
  4. Try Love – Bobby Williams – Sure-Shot
  5. Operator – Gladys Knight & The Pips – Fury
  6. Eleanor Rigby – Ray Charles – ABC Records
  7. The Creeper Returns – Little Sonny – Enterprise
  8. Fugitive From Love – Linda Jones – Turbo
  9. No Longer – Four Mints – Loren/Numero
  10.  Nothing I Rather Be(Than Your Weakness) – M-W-T Express(Marva Whitney) – Forte
Here’s the LimeLinx (for those who requested it)

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron April 1 1949 – May 27 2011

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We lost a great voice on Friday.  Gil Scott Heron name should be mentioned more when talking about the all time greats.  Besides Curtis Mayfield, there is no other soul singer as conscience with his lyrics than Gil Scott Heron.  Rest In Power Mr. Heron.

Take A Listen To His Greatness

1.  Shut ‘Um Down
2.  Superman (Ain’t No Such Thing As)
3.  We Almost Lost Detroit
4.  Angel Dust
5.  Show Bizness
6.   I Think I’ll Call It Morning

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 04-17-11

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Yesterday was Record Store Day and while I didn’t really pick up anything other than just some more sleeves for my 45’s, I did see something interesting.  I notice the people in the store I go to were in a separate line for the RSD exclusives.  It just makes me wonder do these people come to the store regularly or did they just come for these RSD exclusives.  While I was in line paying for my 45 sleeves I looked over to the RSD line and notice that not many people had anything in their hands to pay for.  The concept of Record Store Day is great as it helps to keep independent stores in business.  On the flip side, I find that the people that come out for RSD are not regular customers but more like spectators that are just there for the freebies.  I mean where are they when it’s not Record Store Day.  There are not as much independent record stores around anymore and while the concept of RSD is good, people need to support these stores more than just one day a year.

Anyway, time for another serving of Soul as I dig through my treasure chest.  This is a all 45 set today.


  1. I Found Out – Sam & Dave – Roulette
  2. Hey, Mr. DJ – Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces – Checker
  3. Don’t Destroy Me – Margie Hendrix – Sound Stage
  4. I Cross My Heart( And Hope To Die) – Joe Haywood – Front Page
  5. Real Live Living Hurtin’ Man – Johnny Adams – SSS International
  6. Yes, It’s You – Barbara Mason – National General Records
  7. I Forgot To Remember – Jerry Butler – Mercury
  8. We Got A Love No One Can Deny – Tyrone Davis – Dakar
  9. It’s All Over – Pearl Dowdell – Saadia
  10. Give Him Up – The Manhattans – Deluxe