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I’m sorry …

but I’ve had it. I just received a copyright warning from mediafire. So, I will no longer volunteer to promote half-forgotten, under appreciated artists and their music —  it apparently is not in the interest of the industry.

Thanks for your interest in my blog and for the many contributions, inspirations, and responses I received from my followers.





Time To Tune In To The Vintage Soul Radio Show …

Sunday, June 24, Barry Fowden will be on the air again with another great Vintage Soul Show. Take a look at his playlist, and you will get a first taste of the treats waiting thee for you.

For more info and the playlist, please go here!

A Candle for Herb Reed of the Platters

It is all over the news — and deservedly so — that Herb Reed, the founder of the Platters, has died at the age of 83.

R.I.P Herb Reed

.. and a favorite of mine

For a great article about Herb Reed, please go here.

Time To Tune In To The Vintage Soul Radio Show …

Sunday, May 27, Barry Fowden will be on the air again with another great Vintage Soul Show. Take a look at his playlist, and you will get a first taste of the treats waiting thee for you.

For more info and the playlist, please go here!

A Candle For Robin Gibb

Another battle lost. Robin Gibb died May 20, 2012 following a long battle with cancer.

R.I.P. Robin

Attention Vinyl Collectors

Hey all,

I just wanted make you all aware of a upcoming project focusing on a hobby that allot of us hold dear to our hearts. 

DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk dot com and Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves are teaming up for a photo road trip documenting vinyl collectors and other projects focusing on the hobby. 

They would like to create some awareness for this project and you can check out their Facebook page at

I am looking forward to what these two are cooking up for us.


R.I.P Whitney This song by Sam Dees is dedicated to all those who were/are messing with “Miss Heroin.” Listen well!


Goodbye Don Cornelius

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I am genuinely saddened by the news of Don Cornelius’s suicide. I hope he has found the peace he must have so desperately sought. What he left behind, however, is the indelible impact on generations of music lovers. The Soul … Continue reading


Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a new year of health, love, and happiness.


Don’t Forget To Tune In … to Barry Fowden’s Vintage Soul radio show Sunday Nov. 13th. More Info here:

Technical Difficulties


Alright. I have managed to mess up my i-tunes library — everything’s been gone. Of course, I tried to restore it right away, and it worked quite well. But it just turned out that I’ve got every song twice now. Ah — I hate computers. But I hate my own ignorance about them even more.

So, please bear with me — I’m working on the problem.

A Candle For Nick Ashford

I know I am late, but I would not want to miss lighting a candle for Nick Ashford. May he rest in peace.

 Nick Ashford , May 4, 1941 – August 22, 2011

All of You David Ruffin Fans …

please sign the petition asking for an Episode dedicated to the great David Ruffin on the TV One UNSUNG series.

You’ll find the petition here.


Yours Raggedy


… tune in on Sunday, June 26th, 2011: another one of Barry Fowden’s Vintage Soul Radio shows. More info here.

A Candle For Gil Scott Heron

I am a little busy at the time, and just don’t get all the things done the way I’d like to. Thanks to my friend ((Soultaker))  Gil Scott got his tribute not too long after the sad news broke. To me he embodies the collective conscience not only of the African-American community but also all of us who see the world around us as it is — not as we would like it to look.

Unfortunately, with him gone, we have lost another voice of wisdom — something  which, in times like this, we need more than ever.

Rest in Peace!

For those who can’t d/l Soultaker’s selection via DivShare, I’ll add the LimeLinx link to it here.


Etta James hospitalized with blood infection Reuters – Jazz singer and songwriter Etta James arrives as a guest at the premiere of the film “Cadillac Records” … – Fri May 13, 1:15 pm ET LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Singer Etta James has been hospitalized with blood poisoning, her … Continue reading

Malaco Records suffers severe storm damage

((Soultaker)) just sent me the link to an article about Malaco Records’ studios which apparently have been severely damaged by the storms ravaging the South.

Read it here.

>Happy New Year!


To all my followers and readers and friends: I wish you a happy new year and that at some point during 2011 you’ll be the one singing “the dream I had came true.” 
I also start the new year with a new color scheme, hoping that life will be a vibrant, colorful, and daring an experience as the fuchsia/pink color combination I’ve picked. 
Let’s start 2011 on a hope-filled message — in a song of course.
The Dream I Had Came True, Dicky and Billy

>Boney M’s Frontman Found Dead


Boney M weren’t that big of a deal here in the states. But without them, back in the 70’s, the European disco scene would have lacked something as glittery as Bobby Farrell’s dancing. The three girls who were actually doing the singing almost took backseat to Bobby’s smooth moves. He himself never even sang a tune, but was lip syncing to the voice of the group’s manager, Frank Farian.
Gone forever — another icon of the best days of my youth.

R. I. P. Bobby
Now, that was some seeeeeeeerious dancing! 

>More Sad News!

>Marc found out that two more of the beautiful voices of the golden era of Doo-Wop and Soul music have been silenced forever. Myrna Smith of The Sweet Inspirations left this world on Christmas day. And also Dorothy Jones of The Cookies passed away that same day.

The Sweet Inspirations
Myrna is the one in the middle, sitting. 
R. I. P. 
The Cookies
R.I.P Dorothy 

>Teena Marie Dead


Sad  news: Teena-Marie died today. She was only 54, and her voice was as beautiful and clear like  a songbird’s. May she rest in peace. 
The Way You Love Me

>Don’t Forget To Tune In!


Barry Fowden’s radio show, Vintage Soul, will be on the air Sunday, Dec. 26th. 
See his playlist here
Some good old music guaranteed!

>Merry Christmas To All Of You


I think there’s no Santa far and wide who has a more velvety voice than Bill Pinckney had.

>Congratulations to Al Bell!


((Soultaker)) informed me about this event. And I would not want to miss relating the news to you all.
 Al Bell, former Stax Records executive and one-time owner, will receive the Grammy Trustee Award February 12, 2011, the highest honor given by the Recording Academy! Mr. Bell deserves to be honored for all STAX has given us Soul fans.more here

>The Temptations — Let’s Live In Peace


If I could, I’d make this world a peaceful place where everyone can lead a full life. I can’t do that — unfortunately. But I can hope for it; and I will keep all those in my thoughts who have to live in war torn countries. I wish them peace in their hearts.

Blog Update


Sly, Slick and Wicked — When The Morning Comes

John F. Wilson (Sly), Charles Still (Slick) and Marc Sexton (Wicked) founded their group in 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio. Their Stay My Love got Paramount Records interested, and in March 1971 they got signed to the label. Heavily promoted by Paramount as the “hottest newest group,” Stay My Love made it to # 1 on different charts. Nevertheless, Marc Sexton left the group at that time and Terry Stubbs replaced him.
In 1973 James Brown, having heard the group’s debut single as well as its follow-up, It’s Not Easy, made them part of his “First Family of Soul.” He then produced Sho Nuff, a song written by the group; this song’s success lead to an invitation to appear on Soul Train by the mighty Don Cornelius.

Sho Nuff,  (People Records, 1973)

In 1974 they changed labels again, signing with the O’Jays owned Shaker Records. Once again, they released a hit with Turn On Your Lovelight. When Motown called via the Ju-par subsidiary, they of course moved again. There, in 1976, they released their first album Sly, Slick and Wicked. A second album for the label has never been released since Ju-par folded right after the first album had come out.

When they released All I Want Is You in 1979 for Epic, Sly, Slick and Wicked’s star was already dimming.
The group kept performing into the 2000’s while its members worked as songwriters and producers for such greats as the O’Jays, Janet Jackson (not so great lol) and Barry White.

The group clearly shows a way too obvious attempt to sound like the O’Jays — which was not a good idea, in my opinion, simply because nobody will ever be able to come anywhere close to Walter Williams or Eddie LeVert.

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Smooth Soul

Posted by Gua…….

The loss of true baritone singing bothers me, the loss of true smooth R&B irritates me. So I’m on a mission to point out to these musically deprived young-ins what good music is all about.
Miles Jaye is perhaps one of the last of the recent gifted baritones (with the exception of Will Downing), this cut is from the very hard, but now very expensive HERE to find CD entitled “Irresistible”. This was released in 1989 just before the rise of melisma-crazed,nasal singing became the norm. but I digress, Enjoy the sound of smooth R&B!!

If you would like to listen to this on your computer Click here

Raggedy, Thank you for lettingmebemyself


Maxine Brown — I’m In Love

Here is a song that brings me to my knees when sung by Wilson Pickett. He, of course, had sung it convincingly enough to make his audience wonder if he really had just fallen in love.
The recording of the song by Maxine Brown is very nice, too.

Here’s the one and only Wilson Pickett (glitter suit and all)

Here’s Maxine’s version.
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Time To Tune In To The Vintage Soul Radio Show Again

Tomorrow, Barry Fowden will be on the air again with another great Vintage Soul Show. Take a look at his playlist, and you will get a first taste of the treats waiting there for you.