Music and Poetry

Not only do I love music but I also love poetry. So why not use the pages feature here at WordPress and create a niche where I can post poems about music. If you would like to send me your favorite poems about music, please send them to me as e-mail text (no attachments please!)

The Guitarist Tunes Up

With what attentive courtesy he bent
Over his instrument;
Not as a lordly conquerer who could
Command both wire and wood,
But as a man with a loved woman might,
Inquiring with delight
What slight essential things she had to say
Before they started, he and she, to play. 

(Francis Darwin Cornford)

On Music

by Thomas Moore

When through life unblest we rove,
Losing all that made life dear,
Should some notes we used to love,
In days of boyhood, meet our ear,
Oh! how welcome breathes the strain!
Wakening thoughts that long have slept,
Kindling former smiles again
In faded eyes that long have wept.Like the gale, that sighs along
Beds of oriental flowers,
Is the grateful breath of song,
That once was heard in happier hours.
Fill’d with balm the gale sighs on,
Though the flowers have sunk in death;
So, when pleasure’s dream is gone,
Its memory lives in Music’s breath.Music, oh, how faint, how weak,
Language fades before thy spell!
Why should Feeling ever speak,
When thou canst breathe her soul so well?
Friendship’s balmy words may feign,
Love’s are even more false than they;
Oh! ’tis only music’s strain
Can sweetly soothe, and not betray.


I wonder how many of us can identify themselves with this poem. This is an excellent poem in my opinion.


Mark R. Slaughter

She cried for all the broken hearts,
Painted everlasting winters –
Floral patterns etched in ice;
A frozen tear to
Soften up the bastard bones.

Bow made love to needy string

In cooing fling – wanton whispers
Fondled under pianissimos,
Caressing callous hearts.

Melodrama swayed in satin sound
– Yet the player wasn’t there,
Only creamy song, soothing, yearning,
Teasing bitter minds.

I sensed her persevering loneliness
For beauty of an evening:
Romance of a tune; laughing,
Sobbing at the fire.

Then a climax –
Writhing passion cutting deep –
Wounding macho flesh,

And all in a work of musical art:
Ephemeral stories, yarned of music
Honed impossibly through her tones.


This one is by me. I know everyone has such moments …

The Memory

I. H.

The light switches to green

Each time this song appears

At the mall

In the car

Or the elevator

The wave of images

That stood and waited

At the red light

Starts rolling

With a roar

While I am standing in the middle

Of that street

I have yet to cross

Praying that they

Will not hit me hard:

This sound

This song

This melody

The memory


Let Music Embrace

Allyson Gordon

Music is for any emotion
Music can read your mind
Sadness or sorrow
In music you can find

Whatever you are feeling
Let music embrace;
Let the pain run right through you
Let the tears run down your face

Music is your friend
It understands you the best
So when you’re feeling down
Put it to the test

With music there is
No right or wrong,
The lyrics are a story
The music is the song


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